Rochester Kink Society

Come Play With Us!

Virtual Dungeon Tour

RKS Welcome to RKS! We hope you enjoy this tour of our dungeon. You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.

We moved into our dungeon in 2009, which you'll see on this tour. We also have a slideshows of our old Elton Street (2002–2003) dungeon and Lincoln Avenue (2004–2008) space.

RKS social area This is our lounge, where members and guests relax, chat and catch up before scening. We hope you like the antique, Victorian look. Feel free to use the tables or peruse any literature that's out, and don't forget to check out the library.

The library—that's it against the far wall—is loaded with BDSM and kink books and videos that members can borrow. It's got an assortment of how-to guides, erotica, and more. Just fill out the circulation card and put it in the box to check an item out.

RKS kitchen with snacks set up for guests to munch on. The lounge includes a kitchen with soda, water, and coffee provided by RKS, and tasty snacks brought by our members and guests.

On the left with the red curtain, you'll see the door to our changing room, where you can sexy yourself up after you arrive! Just take a look inside...

The changing room at RKS. A make up table in the changing room at RKS. On the left you'll see some cubbies and coat hangers for storing your clothes while you're here. Help yourself on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To the right, we have the make-up table, complete with a 3-way mirror.

A wide view of RKS dungeon with a suspension hoist, St. Andrews crosses, and bondage tables. This dungeon is ready for action! This chain hoist can be raised or lowered, and with appropriate cuffs and care, this sexy subbie could even be suspended entirely off the ground! A nice feature of this station is that it allows 360° access for play.

Other gear is visible, the most prominent being the St. Andrew's Crosses to the far left and right, and two padded bondage tables between the columns. Let's take a closer look at those.

Trapped in the cage at RKS. Locked inside the cage, this submissive relaxes. Inside, she's safe from the responsibilities of the world: kids screaming, phone calls, e-mail, and work. Without a care in the world, or even the option to return to her responsibilities, she can have a true moment of peace.

Trapped in the cage at RKS. And over here, these two are starting a scene on the St. Andrew's Cross. He's taking a moment to whisper into his love's ear while pulling her hair– she likes that. He's probably describing the delights that she can expect, getting her juices flowing before play even starts.

While we're here, let's turn to the right and check out the Annex.

RKS Annex room. This is our 2010 addition to the space, and as you can see it's smaller than our main dungeon. It's funny, it gets both ends of the play spectrum—sometimes, people do quiet, intimate scenes in here where it's a bit quieter; other times, we get large, noisy groups playing in here so they don't disturb the main dungeon.

The huge bondage table back there is great for groups—but it's hard to see, so let's get closer.

Extra large bondage table and spider web in the RKS annex. This is our largest bondage table, the one the large groups play on. "Puppy piles", we call them. Laying down, it holds 3 or 4 submissives; sitting, I've seen 10 or 12 people on this. Plans are to add bars underneath the table, allowing the underside to be used as a large cage.

In the background is a spider web, presently just decorative. Off to the right, you can see the doorway to the next room—let me show you.

Vault at RKS for waxing, hypnosis, and more. This is "the vault", with just one bondage bed and enough space for one scene. This room sees a lot of hypnosis, some hot wax play, a little bondage and a lot of sensuality. The lights are on now, so let me turn them off to create a more intimate, dungeon feel...

Applying oil in preparation for a waxing scene. Better! While the wax in the slow cooker comes up to temperature, I'll massage my partner with some mineral oil—we both love the sensuality of massage, and it puts us in the mood for heavier play. The oil will also coat her skin so the wax won't stick to her body hair and tear it out when we're done.

Don't I want to cause pain? Well, imagine going to a gym and having a good workout. When you're done, you're sore but in a good way. Now imagine breaking your leg, and how that hurts. Not the same, are they? There's good pain and bad pain. Mercilessly ripping her hair out is not the kind of sensation I want to create today.

I better finish the tour before I get too wrapped up in this. Let's go back to the main dungeon.

Seating area in the RKS dungeon. Below the spider web, in the corners and around the walls, we have seating like this. Make yourself comfy whenever you want to hang out and watch, study an advanced player or intense scene, wait for a piece of equipment to open up, or cuddle with your partner when your own scene is over.

Hanging cage in the RKS dungeon. This is the last station I'm going to show you; I'll let you explore the rest on your own when you come to a party. Our hanging cage comfortably holds one, but can accommodate 2 submissives if they're friendly. The locking door and welded metal frame ensure they will be held securely until it is time they be released. The cage can swing and rotate in place on its chain. Pretty cool, eh? Somebody was talking about a cover, too, like a bird cage, so we could do some sensory deprivation—I don't know when that will be ready though.

So you've seen all this big equipment, you probably need a few toys to play with. Let me show you those.

Toys Chest at the RKS dungeon. This peg-wall contains our shared toys—please feel free to borrow things until you get settled with your own. There is an assortment of chain, rope, some slappers, clothespins, spring clips and quick links, crops, spreader bars, collars, and an assortment of other toys and pervertibles for our members and guests to borrow during a party.

Please show etiquette and clean toys before returning them. Let me show you where the cleaning supplies are...

Safety and hygienic supplies in the RKS dungeon. This is one of several supply depots we have around the dungeon. Each is stocked with a variety of goodies: water for thirsty players and blankets to snuggle under—we have a lot of nudity, so people get cold sometime. We also ask that if you're nude, to please use a sheet, blanket, or towel on the furniture for cleanliness.

Each depot also has hygienic wipes to clean equipment and toys after use, disposable pads for scenes that are expected to get extra messy, vinyl and latex gloves for safety when necessary, and first aid supplies in case of emergency.

If you have any questions on how to clean or use something, please ask the dungeon monitors wearing the red sashes. They are there to help.

So that's about it. Don't forget to check out dungeon etiquette, RKS dungeon rules and our culture. See you soon!