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The Early Years: 1996 - 1999

RKS was formed in 1996 by Rick, Horseman, Ariella, & Chuck, who saw a need for a Rochester-based network of BDSM & kink-oriented people. Years later, RKS is still going strong!

Through the end of the twentieth century, RKS featured demonstrations and workshops including: Single Tails & Bullwhips, Ornate Rope Bondage, Fundamentals of Rope Bondage Workshop, A Hands-On Rope Bondage Workshop, A closer look into a lifestyle D/s Relationship (how it happened), Electrical Play, Flogging, Scene Etiquette, Safer play & associated risks and STDs, Ponygirls, hot wax, fireplay, Music in the Scene, Piercing, and home made toys. RKS sponsored Rochester's First Masquerade/Sexticy Ball in October 1997, The Dominion (a Halloween BDSM event) in 1998, and Camp Whipalot in 1999.

2000 - 2006

RKS began hosting the Spring Fetish Fashion Show and the Annual Kink Auction in 2000. Jay Wiseman presents Two-minute Rope Bondage

In recent years, RKS has continued to have excellent presentations: Jay Wiseman, author of S/M 101, presented several workshops at our 2006 Tenth Anniversary Celebration; Taurus the Bull spoke on fireplay as well as The Delicate Art of the Sensual Bullwhip; Rochester's own Gordon & Jeanne introduced us to Nawa Shibari (Japanese-style rope bondage), and Master & Slave International demonstrated more Shibari for us; Desmond Ravenstone educated us on Ravishment; and back in 2003 Deborah Addington, author of A Hand in the Bush, covered fisting and erotic role play. More recently, Edninja presented rough body play and cupping/pumping for us, while Joseph from the Violet Wand Guild taught us about advanced violet wand use; and Andrea demonstrated advanced bloodsports, focusing on vampire fetishes. Woman with a vinyl catsuit

2007 - Present

Starting in 2007, RKS began publishing a monthly newsletter, which documents the theme parties, workshops, special events, outreach to the larger BDSM community, and other activities that have been happening since then.

For a more complete history of RKS, see RKS History, RKS Newsletter, February 2010.

In 2009, the group moved to a new facility that is nicer, features off-street parking, and many feel is in a better area of town. Membership has grown significantly since acquiring the space, especially for the 35 and under cohort known as the "TNG" (the next generation).

Growth lead the Board of Directors to restructure and simplify dues in October, 2010. For most members, this reduced membership fees.

For the group's fifteenth anniversary, RKS held the Mega Celebration Weekend.

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RKS Today

Naked lady buffet at RKS Fetish Fashion Show RKS holds several regular monthly events: a munch and social, 2 play-parties, movie night, game night (board and card games), and a rope night. The first Friday each month features a variety of event types: massage night, photo-friendly play parties, TNG parties for those 35 and under, and more.

RKS typically holds one workshop each month featuring local presenters, bringing in a national presenter 1-2 times each year. Depth of presentation varies, with some workshops intended for those new to the scene, others focused on advance play and techniques for specific interests. Annual events include the Fetish Fashion Show in the spring, a community picnic in summer, and our Annual Kink Auction in the autumn.

For more information on upcoming events please check our calendar.

RKS supports the greater BDSM community as well. In both 2009 and 2010, RKS volunteers helped operate the Rocheter Erotic Art Festival, and contingents worked at Floating World. RKS is also a member of NCSF, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Founding & Incorporation

Originally, RKS was operated by the Founders noted in the history above. For years, Ari and Horseman were vital to the group's operation. Eventually, they formed a board of directors and began transitioning operations to the board. They have since left Rochester, but RKS remains indebted to them for their efforts in founding and keeping RKS alive in those early years.

The transition of RKS from the founders to our Board of Directors is evidenced by the 2007 reformation as Rochester Kink Society, Ltd., a New York State Section 402 Not-For-Profit Corporation; this replaced the earlier partnership co-owned by the Founders. The group was granted 501(c)(7) exempt status in 2008. Strong gentleman in rope bondage

Who runs RKS?

The Board of Directors, elected by the membership, makes the decisions about the group and its direction. Board meetings are open to the membership, and members are welcome to attend to listen and provide their input. For those that can not attend, minutes of meetings are available.

Some tasks, such as development of new policies & procedures, space maintenance, the Kink Auction, and the Fetish Fashion Show are operated by semi-autonomous committees staffed by volunteers from our ranks.

For specific positions, please refer to the contact page.