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Upcoming Events

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  • April 20

    14:30-16:30 RKS Munch

  • April 24

    19:00-22:00 Rotating Event Night - Movie Night

    19:00-22:00 Rotating Event Night

  • April 26

    18:00-20:00 RKS Workshop - Electricity 101

    20:00-02:00 RKS Play Party

    20:00-02:00 RKS Play Party

  • April 28

    18:30-21:30 RKS Board of Directors Meeting

  • May 1

    19:00-21:00 RKS Social

  • May 2

    19:00-00:00 RKS First Friday Party

  • May 4

    14:30-16:30 TNG Munch

    17:00-21:00 In House Gathering

  • May 10

    15:00-17:00 Let It Go: A Guide to Processing Pain

    18:00-20:00 Pretty Please? The Basics of Begging

Visit our Calendar & Schedule of Events to view additional events. For details, visit the Workshop, Theme Party, & Event Details page.


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RKS Mission

RKS is a social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink.

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What is RKS?

Rochester Kink Society is a member-run BDSM organization in Rochester, New York dedicated to openness, tolerance, safety, and education. We are a pansexual organization and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or fetish. Members and guests are expected to attend RKS functions with an open mind and mutual respect, as well as learn and practice scene etiquette.

Who is welcome at RKS?

RKS has male, female, and transgender members who are single, coupled, and polyamorous. We are Masters, slaves, Dommes, submissives, switches, Tops, bottoms, Leather folk, fetishists, Goths, and others.

What do we do?

Outsiders to the scene sometimes believe we're purely an S/m club, where people who enjoy pain come for gratification. In reality, we are so much more: friends exchange sensuous massage; service-oriented individuals spit-shine boots, bring food, and otherwise cater to their master's whims; bound, gagged, and blindfolded submissives are teased with sensations of all kind; caring Dominants tickle, caress, and drip hot wax onto prone partners, engrossed by the reaction each touch evokes. Our definition of "kink" involves much more than just pain.

We strive to maintain safety and confidentiality for our members. During parties, dungeon monitors keep watch to ensure play remains safe, sane, and consensual.

In addition to our twice-monthly parties, we present monthly workshops where members discuss their kinks, demonstrate their toys and techniques, and share their knowledge. Presentations are made by both our members and specialists we bring in from around the country. We also host a number of non-BDSM events, including game night, massage night, and the munch and social.

Where does RKS meet?

Those new to RKS will first meet us at a munch (luncheon) or social to introduce themselves. Please check the sidebar or the calendar for dates. (Special arrangements may be made for those visiting Rochester from afar. Please contact us ( as early as possible if this applies.)

Parties, workshops, and other events are held at our 4,500+ square foot dungeon in Rochester, New York, the premier dungeon in the north-east United States. Facilities include a social area, changing room, and and a dungeon equipped with St. Andrew's crosses, bondage stations, suspension equipment, cages, whipping posts, medical tables, a good sound system and comfy couches to relax on while watching others play.

Want to know more?

Please surf around the site and learn more about the group! Good point to start are: We also invite you to join us at the RKS FetLife group—an on-line social site for the BDSM community.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please do drop us a line.

Thanks for your interest! You can find further information about RKS and our upcoming events on our web site,

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions, and answer any questions you might have. You can contact us via the following methods:

  • e-mail: Write us at
  • Yahoo instant messenger: rkssociety
  • telephone: Call our information line at 585-234-5295 to hear a list of upcoming events. Leave a message, and we'll return your call.
  • US mail: You can send us old-fashioned US postal mail at:
    Rochester Kink Society Ltd.
    P. O. Box 18556
    Rochester, NY 14618-0556
We look forward to meeting you!