What makes RKS unique?

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A large, reliable space to play - Our dungeon located in Rochester, NY, offers fantastic options right in your own Western New York backyard. Whether you live 5 minutes or 50 miles away, the RKS dungeon is one of a kind in this area. With multiple stations to play, there is a place for everyone to feel comfortable and explore in the ways that they love best. From suspension points to spanking benches and St. Andrews crosses to massage tables, RKS has pretty much everything. You'd have to go to New York City or Washington, DC to find an equivalent dungeon.

Education - RKS was founded with a focus on fostering and educating the local kink community. We host workshops and classes typically twice a month from presenters ranging from our own members, to regional talent, and even nationally known educators.

Longevity - RKS has been around for almost 20 years - Thanks to a vibrant community of dedicated members and volunteers, RKS has become a 2nd home to many and a family to its membership.

We care about our Members and guests - RKS offers a liaison team to help members if issues arise. Whether it was a misunderstanding or something more serious, the liaison team is available to help each and every member.

See also our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why join RKS?

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If you're thinking, "Because I read 50 Shades of Grey," then you absolutely should attend a munch or social.

Although the books and movie have brought attention to BDSM, the reality is that 50 Shades is full of misinformation about what it is that we do.

RKS is about education, and we would love to spend some time helping you understand how we value safe, sane and consensual BDSM.

  • The Rochester Kink Society is the largest pansexual social and educational group for alternative lifestyles in the Rochester area.
  • Education - Each year RKS offers multiple workshops and training sessions, usually on a monthly basis. Additionally there are recurring member-driven events for rope enthusiasts and those that practice Power Exchange dynamics.
    View our calendar.
  • Knowledge and understanding - Our members love what they do and want to share that knowledge.
    • Curious about a specific rope tie? Ask one of the many members who practice on a regular basis.
    • Curious about knife play, fire play, needles or other edge play? You will find a number of members who specialize and would love nothing more than to help you learn safely.
    • Interested in puppy, kitten or pony play? We have multiple members and guests who love those too. We have our very own paddock within the dungeon.
    • Are you little (or Big)? Do you enjoy coloring and looking at picture books or just want to giggle and have fun? RKS has a space just for you to spend time with your stuffies.
  • Parties and events - Each month, RKS offers at least two dungeon parties. Parties are usually preceeded by workshops that same day. Four times a month we organize socials and munches to give our members opportunies to get to know both each other and anyone looking to learn more about our community. We also have regular in-houses for more informal gatherings, town hall meetings, and a variety of member-driven events.
    View the RKS calendar for upcoming events.
  • We are here because and for you, our members - A few times yearly, we hold a Town Hall Meeting where members can gather at the space for a pot luck dinner and sit down to discuss items of concern to the membership with the Board members.
  • Potential to meet partners - Although RKS is not a dating service, the reality is that to meet like-minded people for play and relationships, you need to be around like-minded people. And, RKS is a safe space for exploration and learning.
  • Don't go at it alone - Learning about the lifestyle is a huge step for most of us. We've all been there. New and unsure but wanting to try all-of-the-things, right now. Come see us at a social or munch and decide for yourself. Our guests and members ensure that Rochester will continue to have a lifestyle group to educate and welcome those new to the lifestyle.
  • Stay Connected - RKS offers an online forum to its membership where announcements and discussions are located and easily accessible. We also have a large presence on Fetlife, a social network, like a Facebook for kinky people.

Attending RKS

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Please see:

  • Attending RKS for our guest and probationary membership policies. As well as information about how to join RKS.
  • Membership Information for membership and the rates there of.
  • Etiquette for an overview of etiquette in "the scene".